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Group Philosophy

Current research interests of the Talapin Group lie in the development of novel materials through the assembly of functional nanoscale building blocks. In recent years, we have explored different routes to materials design, including:

  • synthesis of novel nanomaterials
  • inorganic ligand chemistry development for electronic application
  • self-assembly of nanocrystals into ordered superstructures
  • electronic studies of nanocrystal arrays

The ability to assemble precisely engineered nano-building blocks into complex, hybrid structures opens the door to a new generation of complex materials in which components and functionalities can be added, tuned, or combined in a predictable manner.

Group News

See Di and Chenkun’s work on the cover of Science!

Our article “Direct synthesis and chemical vapor deposition of 2D carbide and nitride MXenes” has been published in the March 23 issue of Science magazine as the cover article!

For more on our work on the fascinating MXene class of materials, see also our works “Colloidal gelation in liquid metals enables functional nanocomposites of 2D metal carbides (MXenes) and lightweight metals” and “Covalent surface modifications and superconductivity of two-dimensional metal carbide MXenes.”

Congratulations to Dr. Josh Portner!

Congratulations to Dr. Josh Portner! He has successfully defended his thesis “Electrostatic Stabilization and Self-Assembly of Charged Nanocrystals.”

Welcome new lab member James Cassidy!

Dr. James Cassidy has joined our group as postdoctoral research associate! He brings many exciting developments in nanomaterials synthesis from his work with Mikhail Zamkov at Bowling Green State University.

Doing Our Part for Shut the Sash

We have won the award for energy savings in the quarterly campaign to Shut the Sash across the Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences and Searle Chemistry Laboratory! Remember to keep your fume hoods closed whenever you are not setting up or modifying an experiment....

UChicago Chemistry

The Talapin Group is located on the second floor of the east wing of the Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences (GCIS) at the University of Chicago. Map