The Talapin Group

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Group Philosophy

Current research interests of the Talapin Group lie in the development of novel materials through the assembly of functional nanoscale building blocks. In recent years, we have explored different routes to materials design, including:

  • synthesis of novel nanomaterials
  • inorganic ligand chemistry development for electronic application
  • self-assembly of nanocrystals into ordered superstructures
  • electronic studies of nanocrystal arrays

The ability to assemble precisely engineered nano-building blocks into complex, hybrid structures opens the door to a new generation of complex materials in which components and functionalities can be added, tuned, or combined in a predictable manner.

Group News

New Job

Congratulations to Prof. Himchan Cho on his new position as Assistant Professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology!

New Job

Congratulations to Dr. Vlad Kamysbayev on his new position at Intel.

New Job

Congratulations to Dr. Maggie Hudson on her new postdoc position with the Castellano lab at North Carolina State University.

New Award

Congratulations to Vlad Kamysbayev! He was awarded our Department's Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for Excellence in Research in Chemistry.

UChicago Chemistry

The Talapin Group is located on the second floor of the east wing of the Gordon Center for Integrative Sciences (GCIS) at the University of Chicago. Map